Our Belief and Mission

Offerring youth football to a community comes with a lot of pitfalls these days. Our two leagues came together because of some common concerns that we had with the offerrings in our area. We don't care about creating competitive travel teams or all-stars. We don't believe in creating long travel trips to play an already physical sporting event. We know there are no NFL, College, or High School scouts at youth football games, so we won't pander to that. We want an honest game that offers a sport we love to continue on for many years to come in the Mid-Columbia area.

We have some very core beliefs when trying to make this game safer and more enjoyable for those that play the game.


Our equipment will ALWAYS be certified to the YEARLY recommended reconditioning cycles.


Our staff will continue to be educated and certified to the newest techniques, making the game safer.


We promise to keep the cost as low as possible to offer the game in a responsible and honest way.

Fair Play

We will continue to institute playing time rules so that they allow ALL players to play when they put in the work.

Safer Play

We will always be on the lookout to make changes in game rules that result in a safer practice and game.

Beyond Us

We know that our next level coaches want players that come to them safe, healthy, and still have a passion for the game. We will do just that.

Contact Us

We offer football in both Kennewick and Richland. Send us a message for more information.